Welshpool Music Club

Welshpool Music Club was established in 1942 during World War II by a group of well known Welshpool citizens.  In 2017 year  it celebrates its 75th anniversary which is quite an achievement. There are still a few members left who joined in the very early years.

Its main object was and still is that of fostering and promoting the education of the general public in the appreciation of music in all its forms.

There are 5 concerts given during the season which runs from October to March, with an additional concert given by young local musicians each September.

The committee strives to offer a large variety of music, instrumental and vocal, and attempts to encourage young professionals by giving them a platform on which to demonstrate their skills. Many of those professionals who have taken part have gone on to make their name in the musical world.

After each concert refreshments, consisting of tea/coffee and biscuits, are served which gives an opportunity for audience and artist to socialise.

There have been a few “characters” over the 75 years of our existence and one remembers with affection a particular club secretary who, when we needed money to finance a special concert, passed a bucket round the audience. Their generosity was amazing!

Up to 2008  the club was funded by the Welsh Arts Council.  While we still benefit from some support from the Welsh Arts Council “Night Out” scheme for certain concerts, we are now almost entirely dependent on membership fees and ticket sales to enable us to continue to bring high quality music to Welshpool.  If you enjoy high quality chamber music in live performance and want to support it,  come to our concerts!

Since the mid 80s concerts have been given regularly in the Methodist Church which has the advantage of very good acoustics. It is not known where the original venue was but one concert was held in the old library on Red Bank and several others in the High School.

Performers regularly remark upon the appreciation of the audience and warmth of the reception they receive; something which is very important to those just starting a professional career in music.

Long may Welshpool Music Club flourish!

Daphne Woodhouse (Vice President)